I have got the wrong part more times then gettin' the right part .I live 20 miles from O'Reilly,and every time I have to make more than one trip it cost me.I buy alot of parts from O'Reilly in Peoria Height. Il.Called district Manager to complain and he told me to go to Auto Zone,thanks Kenny best advice I ever got from you.They like the $2000-$3000 I spend in a month.I also don't have to make two trips for every part I buy.I will not buy from or recomend O'Reilly Auto Parts.

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DM is now regional manager. Still acts the same. This is how to get promoted by them


Dude, if you really spent those kind of dollars I am sure the manager would be taking very good care of you ! The fact is you don't know what you think you do about cars and it is always someone else's fault when you can't beat the part in with your hammer.

If you sadly work on other people's cars, do you always tell them the same excuse whever you screw up ? Or do you get creative ?

Oh, here is a though, why not get creative any learn soemthing about auto mechanics ? The first lesson could be to look at the date of production tag !!!


you probablly told him the wrong information anyway. If you drove 20 miles to the store thats your own *** fault go to one closer.


wow 50 bucks a month in commision for selling over 10 grand in parts i think thats ***, they pay that so that they dont have have to pay good or pay real parts people ,are needed in there stores not people that are salesmen


This guy is a typical do it yourselfer. Never knows the year or what engine is under the hood. If I had a dollar for every time I hear "95,96,97, they are all the same", I'd be rich.


You know what's funny with this, Is he get the wrong part more than right!! Humm?

Yeah, I can buy the guess, he gets the new employee everytime. Yeah Right! From the AMOUNT he claims to spend, he would know who to speak with in the store-ISS/Store Mgr, Not joe blow..

I have multiple Certifications, but even I know not every Counterman/Server/Checker/Car hop, etc is bad.. You just never looked for the right help!!


no one seems to understand that the customer can also give the wrong info of year, make,and model.everyone always tries to take it out on the part store but not the mechanic (person who installs parts) or the technician(person who diagnosis the problem).they should be well prepared with all info.granted there are some employees that may pull the wrong part or look up the part wrong but it is 75% of the people who have a 1985 olds with a 350 chevy engine with no clue what the engine came out of.


I am currently employed at Oreilly's we have 3 stores here in town, I get a lot of phone calls asking me for the parts needed, and the part #. because I guess the kids they have working there don't know what they are doing.

But the Manager was dead wrong by telling you to go to the Zone, He could lose his or her job over that.

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