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Mr.Oreilly and company.

I "Quit Checker/Oreilly in the latter part of May of this year. I left because of District manager attitude,and many other problems. I left in the 1st. assistant manager position, because of "Many Reasons".This last 1 took the cake.

An associate at store # 4210 in Anthem Arizona, "I'm not sure of the new Oreilly store number. The 1st problem was my daughter was sold the wrong part.2nd, the commercial manager actually looked at the old and new pumps at the same time. I'm assuming to be sure of her getting the correct part. When I called the Store Manager, I was treated like garbage and was passed off to the "New Assistant Manager" of this store, which I actually was a part of the team putting the new store, "4210" in 2005 in order for Opening.

The new assistant manager told me there was "Nothing he could do" to fix this serious problem which was very "important to solve" because my daughter was going to travel back to Montana on this next Monday Morning. After I spoke with the store manager, he quickly turned this issue to the "New Assistant Manager, and basically was told to "go elsewhere". I have an outstanding record of my employment with "Checker"/Oreilly.Another reason for this outrage is because of the treatment. In the last 2 months of my job at "Checker/Oreilly, I was transfered to another store which made my daily commute to work to go from 32 miles round trip to over 80 miles per day causing many more expenditures.

This I'm sure was a "plot" of our District Manager, who apparently had issues with me. This was shown by not even getting a "Courtesy call from the district manager. The new store I was transfered to was "Managed" by a "Rich Momma's Boy", who I really didn't like. It was a known fact that I already owned a small internet company, and was expanding my business substancially, and was "Prodded into resigning".

There are many, many, past store policies I have "watched" be over-ridden by "Upper Management".These new "Management Policies" that I have seen, and continue to see, thru still employed "Checker/Oreilly personel just shows the "True Oreilly Culture" I belive myself and daughter were treated "Very Unjustly" because of my "quitting", Checker/Oreilly. Also I turned in an official 2-weeks notice to quit my position, and was "Let Go" 5 full days before my 2 weeks notice was finished.

I left like a Gentlemen and considered filing a claim with Department of Labor here in Arizona but made "myself" a "Much Better Man" than the now management of this store and company with how they address customer "Issues".Especially ones that are "Former Employee's." I left a message with the District Manager of District 108 that I intend to pursue whatever is necessary to "Make Right" of this "Very Shoddy Treatment" by the Current management personell on duty today.

I will more than likly check out which avenues would be "Best to Persue" this to address "VERY Shoddy Treatment".I will not accept apologies from anyone at this store, or the district manager but will follow other problem solving techniques.

Review about: Oreilly Auto Parts Manager.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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We know how you feel, my husband was going to give his notice and 2 days later was fired! It was a set up too! Good Luck!

(shame on you Ozarktrader)


Wow dude you really have some personal issues. I guess this website is cheaper then a therapist. Hope you get feeling better and find a way to go on with our life.

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