When I went to ur store they had spanish music on the radio playing, we are not in mexico this it the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and our offical leguage is English we have had too many men and women lost serving to protect the USA just to hand it over to mexico. Also the computer did not list the correct parts for my vehical wich isn't a big problem but when I asked if the could check the book they said they don't have parts books I don't know if that's lazy excuse or if O'reillys is just a poorly operated company. I don't honestly know if I will ever go back to a O'reillys auto but if I do I sure hope to hear american musice and have more helpful people.

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just a thought: if you are going to rant about English being the official language (its not for the sake of your own self worth, learn to spell.


just get over it b****!you sound like a woman,BUT I BET U ARE A MAN.AS FOR THE SPANISH MUSIC...there is nothing wrong with it.face it.if u have kids or ever will later in life,they will have to learn this spanish.you shouldnt be so pdoff at spanish people.we do the jobs u white americans dont want to.because of us and our music we keep every one happy and employed.ha ha ha its funny to know someone like u cant get what they always want in this world.


get over it.


I love Ricky Martin! :?

Logan Village, Queensland, Australia #228407

You ... are... an ***!

Pittsford, Vermont, United States #228157


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