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This store has banned my son as a consumer for associating with an ex-employee!

How can they do this legally?

I was told by the recent employess that only the boss doesn't like me.

He never offended the person.

Each time he's there he's kind and coutesous to all.

I not only did a lot of business there but sent business their way.

We only want some answers on the legality of this!

We're betting the home office doesn't know anything about this, but they will soon.

A business is supposed to be open to the public.

Maybe it's a case of discrimination???

This is only the store located on Pleasant Run Rd., in Lancaster, Tx!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #693248

Usually they can ban anyone they want as a private establishment. There was probably some type of ex-*** type of situation occurring.

Simpson, England, United Kingdom #69434

The store is private property and the manager has the right to deny a person from coming into the store.

As long as it is not race or religion driven, there is no law against the manager telling your son that he is not welcome and if he continues to enter after being told not to, he can be arrested for trespassing :eek

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