I am an employer with O'Reilly Auto Parts and I find that the world has lost it's sight in that everyone has a complaint about something and no one is happy unless they are whinning... Just remember.

We have a job and just like your job we have rules. We may not always like them and just like your job it can upset people to but you just make yourself look horrible talking bad about people who make a living just like you.

Quit complaining... That is what is wrong with this world not to much complaining. If you do not like something SHUT UP Leave and Do it with a smile. Everyone knows when they loose a customer just do it without making yourself look ***.

QUIT WHINNING ..... YOU are the reason companies have to become so strict in what they do cause of all the whinning.. From everyone.. Grow up before going out in public.

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Oh, the joys of those farmers who wanted to go through all your u-joints looking for one that would fit the P.T.O.(power ***) on an old tractor...

I sure don't miss that.Not complaining - I would just smile and say we didn't have the part.


The consumer is blind to all the changes in vehicles.All they are concerned about is their vehicle and you should know exactly which one it is and what is wrong with it before they enter the parking lot.

Also don't forget about the scratch on the inside of the ashtray. What is the matter with you counter guys, forget your wizard hats again?

get on the ball or become a consumer !!:roll


OMG YES perfect couldnt have said it better and stop getting pissed cause i dont have your tractor boat or motor cycle parts on my shelf auto parts store.

Canon City, Colorado, United States #49363

screw u :cry


Yep it gets old don't it? it's no fun when you have customers come in and ask for a part, and the parts guy asks "what kind of vehicle,what motor,and what year?"

I don't know?????

So for those that complain about getting the wrong part don't whine about it.

Put yourself on the other side of the counter, the more information you have on your vehicle the better, And stop making it a guessing game.


;) AMEN to that!!!!

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