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on 3/16/16 i went to oriellys auto parts in st Joe mi. what i was looking for was the fill plug that goes in the rear differential of a chevy k1500.

when i walked in there was this weird looking severely over weight person perched upon the stool behind the counter. without even looking up he asked what i was looking for. i told him in these words, im looking for the plug for the rear end of my k1500 , where the rear end grease goes in. well without even looking up from the screen, this person kept his eyes glued to the computer screen, almost like he was ignoring me.

i then said maybe you have them in the help section, and then walked through the isles looking for the help section. well right before that, i noticed this female employee who walked in from the door and walked through the behind the counter area, past the fat guy and it appeared as if she didnt like myself or the fat guy i had talked to. anyway as im walking around the store, with me being the only one in there, i noticed there was another female clean down at the other end of the counter, and the one who walked thru, and this one, had some kind of private joke thing going on, kinda like some pre puberty children in a class room learning about the birds and the bees, as they were laughing kinda loud but under their breath about something. as i walked around listening to these two weirdo's chuckling, i wondered what the joke was.

lets see what did i say i was thinking. hmmm, rear end plug where the rear end grease goes then hit me. either this fat guy was a ***, or these two females were a couple of filthy dikes but either way they were harassing this guy. while i feel if this guy was a ***, which if i had know would have never gone there, the joke can wait till the customer has left.

this was a very unprofessional situation . well after about 15 minutes of looking at the screen, this guy tells me they have one at the benton harbor store. what bothers me is why would any company hire a ***, or a couple of dikes ? and why does a straight customer have to witness obvious harassment from two dikes towards a potential *** ?

far as im concerned they can shut that store down and raze the building.regardless i will never go there again.

guess we can blame this perversion on obootlip and his personal court of lowered expectations . while there might be some job these types of perverts can do, working in the public, representing a company is definitely not one of them.

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Wow. You must be the definition of perfection.


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