Called the store in Dodge city ks. got a jose on the phone was rude will buy my parts elsewhere.Dino is a great manager tho.

sorry he has such poor help.Has bought parts there for a long time but this is the last straw hopes they lose enough business to close the store it's all spanish and they wait on their kind before they wait on us caucasions. they are very racial inclined.

May the law of business ethics kick in. you will be lucky if you don't get a racial discrimination suit filed in the near future

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wow you sure do complain alot and really its all about nothing and i dont know what alternator you bought there is no 6 dollar core on any alternator anywhere in any oreillys your just full of *** trying to get something out of nothing im tired of people like you waisting you life and time on this eath trying to get something for nothing shut the *** up and worry about yourself stop waisting both mine and your time.


it was crazy when i bought that alternator they were very rude their computer makes a mistake then go to the customer about it thats *** plus if you buy some oil their and the seal is busted your stuck with it they say you did it every time if its plain to see it was their own fault and the factory ill tell you i aint pouring something out of a jar in my engine with the seal busted not knowing whats in the jar just because they say its oil they could say that to sell it thats why that seals on there for your protection so you get what you buy thats like buying candy you dont want an opened package already whod eat it no one with sense would period just wanted to leave my comment about rudeness on oreillys


oh yeah thats here in heavener oklahoma to if you ever trade here you will see how they are just by watching and listening youll see the lopez to that likes to mouth and once i walked in with a piece of gas hose to get some clamps the fuker lopez just stood there and looked at me like i stole the fuken hose or sum *** and he watched me walk in the fuken door with the fuken hose i despise oreilly they should be shut down then there was this robert guy who wanted fuken six doolars from me over a god dam alternator that was stripped out and it was their fault trying to say i owed him a 6 dollar core charge wen he kept my old core they kept it and wanted 6 more dollars what freaking *** can u imagine that their fuken computer misprints sumthing and they blame the customer and want 6 more dollars over their own fuken mistaken god dam computer misprinting *** coming up with errors now thats fuked up and their not very friendly either whatsoever i go to ok auto supply here or autozone autozone is a little nicer but i like ok auto supply best theirs this guy bill who owns it will treat u like gold wonderful friendly guy very nice and good people at ok auto


i dont like oreillys they are the most inconfident and rude people ive ever seen in my life plus a freaking mexican named lopez always running his mouth and the managers standing behind him is freaking *** i bought a timing light and it wouldnt work and they argued with me and wouldnt take it backand finally when i did find one that would take it back they argued with me that the light worked but i just wanted my money back thats fuken *** straight up


They do have a current EEOC suit pending out of Houston, Texas for racial discrimination.

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