Last week on April 11th I was waiting in line to pay for my purchase, with three other people in line behind me. The clerk took two phone calls, looked up prices and gave out information while the customers in line waited.

I threw my purchase down on the counter and walked out along with another man. We both went to the Auto Zone store across the street. I feel the people on the phone were just checking prices because they could not figure out how to use the O'reilly web site.

Also O'reilly has major problems with their web site. It's confusing and hard to use.

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Actually O’Reilly does business with shops outside the store who make way more expensive purchases than you do, I don’t blame them, do I go with a woman who is starting to throw a fit because I’m not taking care of her instantly for a $25 part or do I take the phone call and deal with a shop that’s going to possibly pay $1500 worth of stuff, you tell me?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #693231

O'Reilly handles business customers as well on their lines, and we order parts over the computer systems for them.


the reason for this is a cute little thing called dialing for dollars, in which if we dont pick up the phone within three rings, offer at least two options and all of their warranty and price options, then offer the low price guarantee (which is an epic lie) we get written up... three write ups and we get fired. period.

to john Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #693232

I HATE DFD...and people who complain when we answer the phone


Yeah, that is BS, but it's Oreillys that does that to the emp... If we fail a phone shop, then we could get fired


Yes, you did show them. You took your money elsewhere. The service at EVERY O'Reilly I've been to is pathetic. I'm another one that will never shop their again.


I have to assume you're an O'Reilly employee. Good luck when that poorly run company goes under.

to Freshie #1391187

Lol sure showed us


Boy, you sure showed them!!!!!!!!

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