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Rented a tool from one O'reilly's but they didn't have the part that I needed and said I would need to use their location at Beltline and cartwright in Mesquite tx. So I went home and used the tool that I rented and then went to the O'reilly's on Beltline and Cartwright to return the tool and get the part I needed.

They refused to give me the money back for the tool because I didn't rent it there. therefore, I couldn't afford to get the part that I needed. I hired my mechanic to do the job and since I wasn't able to get the part....my vehicle didn't get fixed so I have to rehire him to do the job today.

I called the main office to find out if you have to return the tool to the location you rented it from and they said it is preferable if you you do but not mandatory and that they shouldn't have given me a hard time. He told me I can take it back to that O'reilly's now and it shouldn't be a problem but I am still upset as i needed transportation for today to get to work and so they cost me a lot of money by not taking it back.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Lake Orion, Michigan, United States #1215146

Don't rent their tools because they say they have your information saved on file and then when you return them don't ask for a receipt if you don't have it you just bought yourself some overpriced tools

Peoria, Arizona, United States #962090

I dont know but seems like common sense to return it where you got it. Fast food employees make more than these morons.

In some states fast food workers earn $15 p/hr.

Place blows unless u drive American made cars and the majority of Americans are not driving American cars. GO OUT OF BUSINESS ALREADY!

London, Ohio, United States #708395

A reason they may have said you can't return it at their store, is because they are based on commission. If they return a part or tool, whoever is doing the transaction is going to lose commission at the end of the month because of it.

So, more than likely they said that so nobody would lose $$$. It sucks, I know.


I'd be pissed if I had gone to that store to rent that tool, and they didn't have it because, the last person returned it to the wrong store!


The customer satisfaction department should be able to compensate you for your trouble. They can be contacted at 417-829-5727 (main #) and just to re-state what xorly said, most new employees are clueless, poorly trained, and make horrible wages and therefore have a less than customer oriented attitude.


I worked there for a few years. There is _nothing_ in policy that prevented them from crediting the deposit back to you. A lot of their newer stores around here have new people who are paid nothing, know little about cars or parts, and are paid wages equal to a fast food joint.

You are clearly in the right.

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