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I have worked for the company for more than two years. I just decided that I wanted to go part time ...

I have 80 hours vacation a bunch of sick and personal time.. I figure I can take time off from work and spend more time with my family and take them places.. Well after I make the decision to go part time and I work 28 hours a week I get my check.... Well didn't pay that much attention to the personal sick and vacation time..

Well start talking to my girl about going out of town for the weekend ... We make plans to go and I tell my manager I need 4 days off and I give him the dates I'll be gone he tells me I can't because I dont he don't have anyone to cover... I tell him I'm using some of my vacation time.. He tells me I do t have any to use , I said yes I do !!!

He goes no you dont you went to part time you lost all your time...... I told him I better not of or I was getting a lawyer.... I called HR and they said the same thing he did... I told the person on the other end I want paid for it or I better get it back because it is *** you can't do that...

What makes oreillys able to do this and other companies not...... I think this is a *** up company to work for and I will tell everyone else about this that comes in to apply... They pay *** money to start with... I left a better job to come here because all the *** they offered me then when I get here it's all different.....

I Will tell everyone to go work at Autozone or Advance auto parts..... They pay better anyway.....

I'm going to give my manager my keys to the store and tell him good luck.... Then I'm going to call LP and tell him all the stuff that's not getting on right in the store and *** that's happening in it with warranty and returns....

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You should have read the policies about the company before you bad mouth about their policies.


O'Reilly sucks. Started with Kraken 17 years ago. I hope that you ****** them up.


You EARNED that! They are stealing from you and cannot do that. They pulled the same *** on me.

to Chris (former angry employee) #1564170

So did you get paid for vacation. Hrs cause I'm going through the same shot with orelli y


tms read on and deside who cares about you and your family


go to your local department of labor and speark with someone about the laws in your state concerning entitlements. in certain states it is illegal for an employer to forfeit your earned vacation time. they must pay you or pay a very expensize fine.

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