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I worked at store 1841 in austin mn. was given every *** job there was trying to get me to quit but i wouldent .

the district manager dont like older help and made it very clear to me and others. He has made comments about others like hire the girl she has a nice *** she will draw customers and has treated her and others very poorly at this store.In june i ruptured 3 disks in my back and that was the way to get rid of me . Fired me fought my unemployment ,canceled my insurance ,and refuse workers comp. Teem oreilly will take care of you my ***.

The old manager and me brought this store from nothing to what it was when he left . We were at aprox. 80,000 mo. He asked for a raise that figured to .17cents per hr .

was told no hired a new manager that nobody likes for less than half and sales drop 40,000 per mo. WAY TO GO OREILLYS. Oreillys CEO people better take a long look at the district manager and manager im not the only one that has had problems its been our store and other stores in his care that has had problems with him. How *** can you be is everyone lying but him .

I can prove everything i say i have it on tape and other people with me on this that work for oreillys and old employees that have been forced to quit cause of what they have done to them.

The CEO people wont get ahold of people like me that was devoted to that store they dont CARE about there help or there customers . If you want the whole store contact me if you want the real truth.

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Rochester, Minnesota, United States #626428

still at it have mediation april 2nd 2013 wont settle thou . just a way of draging feet .

april 11th court with them ....aug. 16th more court its far from over and i wont give in they already ruined my life and i wont settle for anything less than my job back ...fixed back...

payed.... and for someone to say we are sorry we were wrong ...


Yep 3 years later and i wont give up still at it


tomorrow we see what happens . Im all in now just signed papers to take them to court . I hired a great lawyer.


Today here is my advice to everyone that has got the shaft from oreillys . keep all your paper work from them .

I DID>>>THANK GOD... cant belive what im reading. After getting hurt on the job they fire me saying i wasnt trained to do anything but drive ...bull..i have a statement from the guy that trained me and a certificate from the DM saying excelent sales and service . Then i have papers from when i applied for unemployment they fought and lost due to there lies and 3 storys and 3 differend dates i was terminated.

story 1 was i quit due to my injury. story 2 was my FMLA leave run out that i dident even apply for. story 3 was i wasnt able to drive delivery so they ended my job ,,Then theres the papers from the dept.

of human rights oreillys sent them saying the remarks the DM made about me and my age was said but he said it about the manager not me but the manager was 20 years younger than me . heres my advice to everyone KEEP EVERYTHING ...AND IF THEY TELL YA SNOW IS WHITE ...GET ANOTHER OPINION


newest update is ...state of minnesota is investigateing oreillys .. i got a letter from the state yesterday they want to interview me as soon as possable im trying to get to my lawyer and have him set up a time . :grin ..SOON


Oh and how special i am they wont fix what they caused but they can afford to pay a private investigator to follow me .


update is put on the back burner till feb. 6 2012


heres whats up ....court on oct 31st for my workers comp. now maybe they will find out they need to fix me .

rob pockington no longer works for oreilly his mouth and his actions finally got him tossed under the bus . RM tossed him under .

:eek :grin couldent happen to a nicer pri.. im still in this for everyone oreillys screwed and not letting up ....THANKS EVERYONE


same in the south ..... contact the state office they dont take this lightly they will do something..then speak with a lawyer they may do something for you for free. dont let it go they need to be held accountable or they will keep doing this me if you want to talk 507-219-7819


I was demoted and the evening of my demotion my boss sent me a text asking me to send him something sexy. When I reported it 4 days later they had statements from other team members stating I was bad mouthing the company and fired me.

2 months after they fired me they investigated my claims and told me because it was only one line that it was not sexual harrassment.

With this logic if he had rape me and only did it once it would not be rape!

This company is out of control.


here's whats up now .the state of minnesota sent oreilly's a letter requesting we get a mediator ,,guess what they turned it down . dont that sound like we are hideing something ?

they havent got the guts to meet me face to face . then how *** can you be they sent a letter to the state saying it was said but it wasnt refering to me it was my old manager . does it matter who its about it was still said .

they wont have nothing to do with me cause if i can get them in court ill bury them . i have the proof

Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #241931

I agree! It has to start with someone.

I wish enough of us could get together and do more! Good Luck.


go give them what they deserve


hang in there


My husband is in good standing with O'Reilly's and let me tell you what I see. I see a company that will put him in the ground!

First, they abuse the salary exempt status. O'reilly makes 90 percent of the decisions at the cooperate level are not legally qualified to offer salary exempt status. However, they have not been called on it yet. They work my husband seventy hours a week and expect him to do inventory on top of it so they dont have to pay extra!

District managers are lazy and do not assist managers.My husband worked was forced to work so much, they took his vacation!! They really need to be sued.O'reilly pays so crappy its impossible to keep help. They know it and dont care. If there is a God,,,,,they will rot in *** in my humble opinion.

I have told my husband its time to look for another job before they kill him.

I could quote some horror stories but it would identify the store. DO not work forthis company.


*** you ***...*** you *** was the phrase that was used at store 1207 2579 sparkman Drive Huntsville AL 35810 by a white manager after reporting two years of racial discrimination I was fired on 4-7-2010. What a company!!!!


no new news to report yet still working on it . This is for everyone that got screwed by oreillys .

Im not letting this go im in it for the long haul . I'll keep in touch and update everyone


well they are still hanging on the state had me fill out more charges on them and now i have a lawyer ready to bounce on them. all were waiting for now is the state to release the paper work and issue a right to sue notice.

oreillys thinks im going to drop yhis they are nutts i want my job back . its going to cost them alot of money to fight this but i will win im in it for the long haul so they might as well get use to it . NOBODY DESERVES TO GET TREATED LIKE THEY TREAT THERE HELP .

My lawyer is loveing it the tape i have is a killer and so is all the witnesses i have . Im not letting go of this .THIS IS FOR EVERYONE THAT GOT THE SHAFT FROM THEM .


well it's almost d-day the state is with-in days of grilling these guys.. it is in investigation and we will all know soon what kind of people they really are.

How the district manager here really is and how he treats his help.. He threatened the help if they talk to me my attorney or the state they will be fired ..

Thats ok the tape i have pretty much shot him in the head threaten all you want ...

Truth will be knowen sooon....


absolutely the WORST place I have ever worked. Told in the first hour of employment that I was a thief and they paid a minimum of 6 people to catch me and every other thief.

This was after they pursued me for 3 years. Started as installer sales due to 20 plus years experience. Increased installer sales by 20% in two months. Then asked "cover the front counter for a minute" 15 months and a decrease of installer business of 38%,i had enough and called it quits.

have been working at least 2 hours a day for 5 years to obtain my employee purchased shares. No luck so far.I have owned two very sucessful business and cannot envision treating employees of even the company dog as they routinely treat the people who make them the huge amount of money they make. Cant even watch sports events because they will spend tens of thousands of dollars to display banners, but wont pat employees a living wage or treat them as humans. Truly evil bastards.

At least KARMA works. They will get what they deserve!!

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