Went to the brand new O'Reilly Auto Parts Store here looking for touch-up paint for my vehicle and the Sales Gal did'nt once look in any of their Books behind the Counter or get on-line to see if it was available for them to get. She simply looked in a book by the paint shelf and then said, "We don't show it in this Book as being a Valid Paint Code Number.

I guess you're screwed." Well, I'm not screwed. I drove over to a neighboring Town and bought some at Auto Zone. I mean, if they can get it then I'm certain O'Reilly's can also, but they lost a potential new customer in me.

I'll just continue spending thousands of dollars each year at Auto Zone instead. At least they're willing to work with me and treat me like a Human Being, unlike O'Reilly's, who just want your money and treat you like ***.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #693235

She must have looked it up in the book wrong...or you gave her the wrong paint code number

Miami Beach, Florida, United States #587966

I think most ladies just do not know lack of training about auto paints I guess. She should have asked for help that's the only way she would have learned about her resources to help you.

She did not care to get the facts, in my town autozone and advanced pretty dam sharp on auto parts but me I would have made a scene oreil

Y has a nice auto paint inventory that lady lost a customer and I would have been more than pissed I look to a guy and get one you are to humble good for her she did not wait on me. Here autozone have experience mechanic background real helpful.


You spend thousands a year at auto parts stores? May wanna look at buying a new car.


My wife has an 02 Liberty. Steel Blue.

I can't get it at work. Neither can John at Carquest, Marsha at Napa, Rod at Factory Motor Parts, or Brandon at Knechts. I guess we all suck and you should never go to any of those. I send customers to all of these places all the time if I dont have something.

I actually call the other stores to see if they have the parts before I send a customer there. BUT since I don't sell touch up for my own wife's vehicle, I'm a second rate service provider.


sounds like she did check they just didnt have it... i suppose you expected this store to pay freight between 3 and 5 dollars to get a color they didn't stock in the store in 3 days and you maybe come back and buy it for 6 bux ...

once you get your paint and they pay shipping they only lose 3 dollars on the deal.... SOunds like you are just another *** wanting something for free and adding extra junk to make an employee who tried to deal with your ***-icy look bad she tried to help you if they dont sell it they dont sell it get over it ....

if it wasn't on the self at walmart you would have said o well and 2 days laters been back shopping at walmart but now u will never go into oreillys again because they didnt sell paint .. LOTS of thing walmart does not sell and people dont hold them to same standards why??????

to she checked in the book.... Miami Beach, Florida, United States #587971

Never,ever,tell a customer they are screwed.ww


go to an automotive paint store or get something close. touch up paint is a lot of work, low profit, customer is never happy, item. what you SEE is what you get.

Pittsford, Vermont, United States #228155

I'm tellin ya. I just told about 10 other people.

See, this is why I'm here. To tell you, that you have rights, LEGAL rights.



When the young lady looked in the book by the shelf, that was her book to look in. My store has the same catalog behind the counter as there is by the shelf.

I do agree that she wasn't very tactful in explaining that your shade of color may not have been listed.

As I tell customers on a daily basis when they need something that day thats not in stock, "we"(as in parts stores in general) all carry something different.

What we carry has its limits too. We have XX number of places on our shelves. Duplicolor makes XXXXX number of shades of paint to cover XXXXXXX number of colors made by the cars manufacturer. We may carry colors 1 - 88, Autozone maybe 70 - 130.

So what you find at OReillys might not be at Advance. However you should find good customer service no matter where you go.

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