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i called the store and asked them for back brake calipers to see if they had them they told me yes and i asked the price they told me it was $29.99 then i sent my sister in law to get them they gave her the wrong ones so i had to go back over there and pay more and i dont think that is right that was there falt so why should i have to pay more when they were told twice what ones .I dont think i will be buying from yall again the man that serviced my sister in law was very rude he just open the box and told her that was them and shout the box befor she could look to see if it was right she did not deserve to be talked to like that.

Monetary Loss: $67.

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i must say dealing with some of the coustomers that come into oreillys is like driving nails with your for head how do you drive a car every day and know nothing about it i mean dawn get a bike or read a book inbread


I'm sick of customers.. Whine whine whine.. Oh I need parts, and I'm going to send my wife/daughter/sister/girlfriend/little brother/dad/mom/dog down to the store and they don't know the exact information and, OH I DON'T CARE IF I COULD HAVE MADE THINGS A LOT EASIER AND SENT THE ORIGINAL DOWN TO COMPAIR!! I'll blame the person who sold them.

Listen folks, parts can be wrong, people make mistakes. If you can't be bothered to go down yourself with all your amazing knowledge of what you want, then don't whine like a *** when the person you sent comes back with the wrong part.

If you buy a gun and kill yourself with it, it's not the fault of the person who sold it.

I'm an engineering major working at a parts store to get through college, I hate customers who don't know what they're doing and whine to me all day and ask for advice.

Kill yourselves.

Thank you for shopping at Checker O'Reilly


im sorry for the mix up as an orielly salesman try to do my best to get people what they need when they need it and if i do make mistake i take care of my customers if i had been me you would not have payed dime more for the correct part i assure you, if you were a regular it possiable i would have even discounted the 29.99 after looking at your purchace records with orielly the cost of fuel is high and my customers time is something i will try to compensate them for if i can


as an O'reilly employee. i must admit 90% of the time we do our best to get people the right part.

the other 10% could be a mistake on our part. countermen are not perfect. and i have to side with the other folks hate it when people like you send your wife or someone up to the store to do our job. not to say that they don't kno what to do.

but most of the time when i deal with a situation like this they don't know what it looks like they just know what its called. get off your lazy *** and do the mans job don't send a woman to do it.


So your sister in law could have looked at the calipers and identified whether they were right or wrong? Not saying she couldn't but wow thats amazing!!!

You people crack me up. How does it feel to have never made a mistake before?


Norman, this is typical of you hillbillies. Send your sister in law for the parts because you are too proud to go to the store while you sit in the driveway drinking Busch Lights with your buddies that think you are a repair god!

I deal with you idiots every day.

You gave us the wrong info over the phone so we are to blame. come into the store - I will set you straight!


sounds like you should have gone yourself to get the part to make sure you were getting the correct part.


Doesn't sound like he was rude. Sounds more like you need something to complain about.

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