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I bought a axle seal from o riellys had the chevy dealership put it in for 321 dollars. It never stopped leaking.

So i had to pay them 200 dollars to take out the seal that i bought from o riellys and put the new gm part in. So i spent 521 dollars for one axle seal and they wont even help me on the labor. I should have just spent 8 dollars more to get the better part.

Does this happen to alot of people or just me. is there anything i can do to get at least my 200 dollars back from these jerks.

Monetary Loss: $201.

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Glendale, Arizona, United States #847726

same story for my bought a axel seal and i paid for labor. guess what tomorrow i have to take my car to the mechanic again so i can get a dealer seal installed cuz O rielly's seal worked only for a few days till it started leaking again

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #693238

Have the dealership buy the parts next time, because then they have to pay to remove the bad parts and you don't


You should of asked for a labor claim.


you fricken baby...and may I mention "DUMB ***" What the *** were you thinking bringing an after market part to a dealership and asking them to insall it???? I am going to take a wild guess here and say that you are the very *** *** that would carry a bag lunch inti Burger King and complain about the service. :cry


Did you not even THINK to possibly blame the DEALER who may have installed it INCORRECTLY??? typical, you complain on the company who SOLD it to you but didn't MAKE the seal.

And like Ozarktrader stated, if you didn't pay the extra $$ to have the dealer part installed FIRST rather than trying to save a couple of bucks on a cheaper, aftermarket part, that was pretty lame.

You might do that on an engine, transmission or other high dollar part but a seal?? A typical wheel seal installation wouldn't be more than $100 or so unless yours is something odd.


Why on earth would you buy and cheap, aftermarket part and take it to a GM dealer to install? That makes no sense what so ever.


Yes you can shove it up your *** for paying someone to do it for $321

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