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Orilies ato parts brome my factory VW beetle windshield changing my wiper blades as they were also changing headlite, they took out battery and put on concrete ( wrong) then took off breather to get to headlight, the boy decided he couldnt do the headlite, so i am there 5 hrs with a tor apart car, the kid let the wiper arm fall and break windshield and i finally got a customer to finish the headlight and put car back together. They said they would replace windshield, weeks later i went to the same store to have installed, it wasnt VW factory windshild, so i refused, weeks later they call saying they have the right windshield, i asked them are you sure, cause it didnt have VW ON IT, it was safelite, and showed me a reciept saying factory stock vw windshield, and its is NOT.

It was a cheap piece of glass that broke a week after they installed with a rock. I had plenty of rocks hit my other one they never broke, I contacted them, first spoke to a rude Richard, then a Scott, they both say they wont replace cause a rock broke BEEF is not with the rock, its with me not getting the same windshield as they broke, and i feel me being a girl, and decievi me with the safelit reciept that said factory stock.

I am mad, sad, and disgusted. I spent 5 hrs there for a kid to break my glass and Orilies managment will not do the right thing...I want anyone to please contact me with The CEO mr Henslee or any other contacts and info you can

Review about: Oreilly Auto Parts Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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first i have to say that i work for oreilly auto parts. the difference is that i have been ase master tech certified twice and have held 17 ase certs.

i know most auto parts won't have this level of experienced personnel, but a customer can ask first if the current staff can handle the work that is needed. you're right that oreilly auto parts sell auto parts and is not a repair shop. we offer free installation of wiper blades, light bulbs, batteries, and can do various other minor things if asked for. we recently started a free engine light scan.

we do not pose as a replacement for your local auto repair shops. i have a 4 yr. degree in auto technology, i have worked for independant and company owned repair shops, i have owned and operated a auto repair shop also. and finally i'm a customer too!!

i have been on both sides of the fence as they say.

not paying for service in the year 2018 ? i wish i could go everywhere i shop and get that.


Demanding staff who are paid only slightly more than minimum wage do any kind of servicing of cars is asking for disaster.


Putting batteries on concrete is FINE . That was on OLD thing that is a thing of the past.

They didn't insulate the bottoms of batteries and they were made crappier back in the day so that was true but ever since the mid 90's you can put them on anything you want and it won't effect the battery in any way. I know this has nothing to do with your windshield but thought since you led with it I would. As far as the windshield goes, sounds like O'Reillys was doing a lot to help you out by replacing it and taking care of the issue. If you are going to get picky about it not being a VW windshield then that is on you.

Do you think that light bulb you BOUGHT at O'Reillys was a VW OE part..........don't think so.

If you are going to shop aftermarket , expect aftermarket parts and don't complain when you don't get them. Jeeze some people just crack me your windshield.

Spring Hill, Tennessee, United States #1334117

Cant believe people expect parts store to fix their car. Then get pissed that it went wrong. Pa

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