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I am a former manager of an oreily store.I was with the company for 5 months when they gave me the worst store in the district after putting 3 people in jail for theft and increasing sales by 50% they wanted 80% percent.

The last straw was when they fired my girlfreind because she was pregnant. The manager at store 477 in houma louisiana has made a habit of finding a reason to fire any woman who wont sleep with him or becomes pregnant. I know this because I his assistant for 5 months and he fired 2 ladies that were pregnant in that time.

He did the same thing at the store he managed before then.

Corporate backed him up on firing her saying " We are just protecting her safety"

This is a company that preaches family values then throws a pregnant woman out on her butt because she cant lift 60 pounds she weighed 110 pounds before the baby and couldn't lift 60 pounds when they hired her but Steve thought she'd put out.

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You're an ***. As far as supporting my girlfreind I'm doing very well leaving a peice of *** company like oreily was the best thing she could have done and for growing a set of balls mr what at least i put my name ozark automotive group is a bunch of morans who dont have the common decency to be honest about thier mangement practices or the garbage the sale


What 1st of all bushitttttt on that and 2nd of all *** on the other thing too your full of *** just like most people on here lets start a *** rumor so i can get a lawsuit going and get money for nothing cause im a worthless piece of *** that needs to lie about everything and cry cause i cant support my pregnant girlfried grow the *** up put some balls between your legs and start acting like a man.not a little ***

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