I have been into the Kaufman tx Oreilly auto parts store several times asking to speak with the manager about a matter I had a little over a week ago. I have been in everyday hoping I could talk to her about my problem and everyday she isn't there.

I have heard from several other customers that they have never seen the manager. There are two other females who work there but are only assistant managers.

Seems to me you should make one of them managers since the real manager doesn't care enough or take pride in her store enough to stay a full day. Oreillys you should really choose a manger who is more dedicated to there job and wants to help see the company go further rather than give you a bad name.

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:grin no wonder your a ex employee s m f!!!!


Mgr. At oreilly get paid sallary...that's beside the point the manager should still be avaliable. Its bad customer service if they are not


dear sir, dont complain about our token woman mgr!!are you sexist?? we take pride that we promote women mgrs in our stores weather they know anything about parts or not is irrelevent or she works alot cheaper then the man who USED to run the store.what the *** do you expect for min wage??

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