Bought an Alternator for my old GEO, and returned the core.They had to put the credit back on my Debit card....OK.

Took the car out of town the next day, was goin to use the core credit for gas for the trip.

100 miles away, i find out they have'nt posted the credit, and there is no credit pending...OK, i got cash, and another card.Came back to town Monday, and called about my core credit...was told by the counter guy at O'reilly's "maybe today", OK....USUALLY I GET AT LEAST A "PENDING" CREDIT ON MY CARD...

I HAVE"NT HAD THIS PROBLEM FROM ANY OF THEIR COMPETITORS....so guess where i'm buying my parts from now on...(HINT, IT AIN'T FREAKIN O'REILLY'S)


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Went to store yesterday to refund Cvt transmission oil cost 71$ and haven’t received nothing nor a pending in my bank account ??? How long does it take to receive my money back?.


its been 7 days....still waiting on that credit refund to my Chase debit


I am on day 3 of the regular week and still nothing even pending in my account. This is frustrating and enough of a hassle for people like me on a right budget that need that $125 back within the day, not 5 days later. If I knew about this I would have gone elsewhere.


Same thing is happening to me right now. I need that money to get the correct part and it has not been put back in my account.

Riverside, California, United States #1319486

So I bought a new battery for my Ford Focus on Friday I paid for it with my debit card.The guys at Oreilly couldn't put in the new battery without having to take my car completely apart.

So I just said forget it and I returned the battery. It's now Sunday and it still says processed in my bank account for the battery I returned on Friday. It's not pending or anything. I've never had a problem like this with any other stores.

I have chase and usually when I get refunded it's either still pending or it's marked blue but nope it's red and it's been processed.I want my *** money back!

Santa Ana, California, United States #1223223

So how long did it take?


Same thing happened to me today


It takes up to 72 hours for the store's system to refund the credit to your account. It may take an addition 7-10 business days for your card issuer to reflect the return

to OreillyTeamMember #1354359

That's hilarious...being you take the debit from my account instantly..

but you can't give it back instantly... another lost customer due to something as petty as $75.

Because now I don't trust you guys with anything...especially something major!

to Sean #1375207

Lol up to 72 hrs and then however long your bank wants to take to process is how it works for any company

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