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We they sold Me a substandard uni joint, I have been working on cars trucks Semi's Motorcycles Boats etc for most of My Life starting at 8 years old , I am now 54 it was in My Blood, I have several automotive degrees and certifications, So I do know how to install a uni joint, Ok I put an oreally joint in the top of the line and it went bad in 5 , yes 5 miles, So I took a outside caliper to it and it was out of round by .004 to .007 on 1 half the other half was .001 to .009 out of round, I took it up to oreally they said tuff *** after having it for a year and putting Me off about the $2900.00 bill i had for the repairs , They said that I put it in a race car, Ok I do have a race car but its not this one, but even if it was I have had the same uni joint in that car for 3 racing seasons, Then when I asked about the dementions on it they said it was with in spec, ?? Oh *** no, I had at least 23 old joints laying around the shop and not one of them was out of spec as much as that is, So we go to court now,

Monetary Loss: $2939.

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I have been reading all these comments and I just had to put my .02 in. Not just you, but many posters brag you have been a ASE tech for 20 years, yet you are putting in Oreilly parts and are upset when they fail.

Any tech with brains knows Oreilly is only good for oil, filters and the like.

If you want quality parts you need to shop else where. Their replacement parts are junk and any qualified mechanic would know that.

to Anonymous #740512

They used to be good, OK Your right they are not any more,,

to Anonymous #980751

Pretty funny you think Oreilly parts are junk when 98% of them are made by the same oem company who makes them for the new cars coming out of the factory at the same spec. Who makes a delco,Motorcraft and Mopar it's standard who is standard?

BWD. Which is sold at oreilly. Most people are just to *** cheap to spend the money. And if you do the research you will find that oreilly supplies alot of other automotive Chains and store with the parts they stock.

I have never had a problem there.

Yea you go in with an attitude and all pissed off I would do the same to you go in understanding that any company can have a defect and be calm . Guess what you get good service

to Anonymous #980881

Man I didn't go in pissed,,, I went in and said look what happen , I am a reasonable kinda guy,, I got pissed later much later ,I know its corporate BS that hosed me and the wimps that work there don't want to say anything that could be right and get them fired , that's all, , its all old news now but I still have this messed up uni joint as a paper weight


Im not here to defend the company, since its pretty obv oreillys has lost your business. Im just going to be honest.

The best case scenario for you wouldve been a labor claim. That means first they take the part and send it back to the manufacturer to see if it was a defect or user error. If it was deemed a defect they would want to see receipts from a shop to prove it caused the damage, doubt theyd just take ur word for it. If all that goes through than that company reimburses you, but its a long process.

While it sucks, theres no just it messed ur stuff up here this should cover it anymore. Sorry ur experience sucked, and better luck in the future


You hit the nail on the head , or u joint, ,they said even though I showed them this with an outside caliper to measure it with , they said it can be that much out of spec,, WTF? are ya nutz , Yes they told Me to stick it in My Assss , Yep O Really Sucks in My world and I hope no one else gets screwed by these bastards,


From looking at the pictures, it looks to me like the U-Joints were slipping inside the yoke(because they were out of round), heated up(FRICTION), and surprise, its welded in!!!


Ted I believe You have hit it on the buttom,, its true You are Wize, But Girl, Please I prefer Ladies,,, Nuff Said,, :grin


:grin girls stop fighting!! bottom line is dont ever spend another cent with oreillys.....looking at this website it is plain and clear that oreillys dont care about the employees and in fact abuses them, they could care less about the custumer just another sale....i personaly dont want to support a company like that.........

to ted wize #1433396

the parts are the same at most auto parts store just an FYI reboxed out to different vendor gets different packaging ITS THE SAME product my question comin in with how the *** did you let a 20 dollar u joint create a 2900 dollar repair in 5, just 5 miles????


Just stop Your making it to easy for Me to shoot You down, Please just reread My complaint , then maybe You will get what I am complaining about, Please read it again, I dont want to be a ***, But You are not getting what I am saying at all, :eek


I dont work for Oreilly jack ***. Sorry, I didnt know I needed spellcheck turned on to post in here.

Before you knock people for grammer check yours. They sell POS parts because 90% of the people dont care what they buy and wont spend the money for the better part.

Its no different from any other auto parts store. They all do the same thing.


Maybe you should try calling their corporate office and talking to someone? Have you done that!


And there You have it A O'really Guy shoots with out looking and He doesnt even come close,,, This is the kind of help they continue to give Me,,at a boy turbo,, I rest My case,,


It is instalation error on your part. In 99% of the cases we see it is improper instalation.

Furthermore the warranty is void if installed on a race car or modified drive shaft. Ever hear of thread locker....

We sell that too Mr. Fix It.


I guess Your a little slow , It has nothing to do with just replacing the part,, OK its the damage it did, You dig?? $2900.00 in damage,, sure the said they would give Me a replacement u joint , but what about the damage it did?? are ya getting this??They took a year before they even told Me that they wouldnt do, well I am not going to rewrite what You can read, so If your going to comment on it please read it and understand it before talking hattish


Why sell the POS U-joint if its going to fall apart.Second I could see why you work for that company FYI "lifetime" is one word.If you sell parts they should last,no exceptions!name brand or O'reilly .... Man what ever happend to Kragens at least their stuff lasted and they backed up what they SOLD!This customer got shafted!


If you had bought the better u-joint it comes with a life time warranty and they would replace it. If they wont call the phone number on the door and make a complaint.

Sometimes you just get bad parts. It doesnt make it the stores fault, its the manufacturer.


I tried the face book thing and no comments back on it from them or not so much of a whimper from them, just the usual take no action O'Really deal,, asshats that they are


This was the " Top of the line" U Joint , I even had to wait a day to get it, Soo, now what ...

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