A few weeks ago I purchased a 5 quart and a one quart container of Mobil 1 synthetic oil in anticipation of a quick oil change on Memorial Day. My time is limited, so I needed everything ready go. After draining the old oil and replacing the filter, I poured in the first quart of oil. Only when I began pouring the 5 quart container it occurred to me the first quart was really dark in color. I smelled the one quart container and found it was not new oil. The seal was also missing on the one quart container.

So now I have no time to obtain replacements and I have a quart of used oil of unknown origin in my vehicle engine. This is unacceptable.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Lenexa, Kansas, United States #1328674

It is possible that a previous customer put used oil in the quart container and took it to the store for disposal. Then the employee at the store did not immediately dump the used oil in the collection tank, but left the quart of used oil lying around.

Another employee picked up the quart with the used oil in it and thought it was an unopened quart and put it on the shelf either for storage in the back room or on the sales floor shelf. The odds are against my theory, but it could happen.

Norcross, Georgia, United States #792589

You are correct it is put in a drum but people bring it in with it in the bottles they just bought it in I had this happen before to a customer

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #693204

This would never happen. Plus you must have noticed a missing seal when purchased, and a team member would have noticed a missing seal. Our recycled oil is stored in large metal containers, not in plastic bottles

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