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Always whatever you want isnt in stock. But of course they try to sell you something of a lower quality for a higher price that just so happens to be in stock.

Ask them to check in back where you know they keep some small parts, they basically laugh at you. Once in a while someone actually says they need to look in back and they find things.

I leave quite often feeling they just dont want o bother for one, and on top of that treat me like I dont know what Im doing because Im female. I know the difference betwen cobalt drill bits and `high speed` steel and I know why I needed it they did too but tried to sell me something they knew I couldnt use.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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sorry you have that feeling, comes down to traing, but to know evry thing about evbery thing i cant say that will ever be in any auto parts store, as mamanager i could only hope the team memnbers know how & were to look its ture some thing like drill bits wil genarly be displayed, how ever that's not saying what your looking for cant be gotten & or orderd in for you, please ask for one of our tool catalogs if they don't have one they can order one in for you. this might be one answer you could use not only for the part #s but may help the tem member understand the difference inb what it is your looking for!

on evry invoice there is a phone # & a wibsight your pin # is on the left hand side please use this this is one way our mgr can see what weakness & strenghs each team member has & lets us know what we could be better at. in addition for taking the time you will be enterd in to a monthly drawibng for $5.000.


In most Oreilly stores, the tools that are displayed in the customer aisles are the only ones that particular store carries. Sometimes if a customer has requested an item that is not on that particular planogram, it may be stocked in the back.

Stores are generally tailored to their area and the customer needs of that area.

Being female myself I can completely relate to the feeling of 'you don't know what you are talking about because you're a girl,' I have had my share of gentleman customers which come in take a look at me and ask 'where are the men at?' It is so frustrating to know your stuff but be treated as if you don't. Hopefully you can find that one great employee who goes above and beyond for their customers.

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