I bought a battery an 18 months later it was dead.I received no new battery and no prorated discount on a new one, even after the battery tested bad at the store.

Lessons learned, 1. Don't buy Super start batteries at O'Rielly. 2. Don't buy Marine Batteries, when they make bad batteries at the factory instead of stamping reject on them they stamp Marine or Economy on them instead.

3. Once you get pissed off about being screwed at O'Rielly pretty much all you can do about it is *** at the store and then come home and write a bad review on this website.

Then you can find another 100 bucks and go to walmart to buy another battery.3 lessons learned the hard way.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.


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DONT buy no *** Batteries from oreilllys I bought two commercial batteries from them less then a year and they went *** bad los the receipt and they couldn’t do nothing about they *** suck

Augusta, Georgia, United States #1346407

My super start battery was still under warranty when it stopped holding a charge.Couldn't find the receipt so i got nothing as far as the warranty is concerned.

You would think they would honor they warranty as long as it's the manufacture date and length of warranty is clearly marked on the battery.Ironically a sign on the door says we support our military, but apparently not military customers!


i got 2 battery's from there,.both went out, about 4 months later,.

go to napa, if u want a ok, or good battery's, that are made in the u's'a,. all O'Rielly, want is yours money,.

napa auto zone & Advanced auto, are good parts,.sold by nice forks,.

Adairsville, Georgia, United States #1314420

I got a double whammy....bought the POS then after six months had to pay a pro rate on another after it failed , then after little use of the 2nd POS , It died also and they want to charge me full amount now since it is over warranty of twelve months. When the first was an 18 month warranty if I recall correctly. I am a business (20yrs) that has bought a lot of parts over the years from O'reilly, but that will change if they do not invest in making this right...

Los Angeles, California, United States #1285306

exxactl y my xperience with oreilly marine


You do realize if your alternator is the cause of your initial battery problems it'll just toast your new battery (I.e.your super start) due to improper charging output from the alternator?

In that case it isn't covered by warranty.

Factory defects almost always show within less than a year of purchase/use and if it failed afterwards it's generally user error bub.Bad alternator = bad battery in the future.

Daphne, Alabama, United States #1278190

I too purchased a Super start premium battery for my ford focus. It lasted only two years. I would not recommend these batteries at all.

to Anonymous #1414535

Same here!A few days ago, my car wouldn't start without charging the battery first to get at least a crank to start.

By the time I had to replace this battery was after two years after the original car owner put the battery in before selling to me. Upon buying the new battery I saw the huge difference in what this battery failed with. Cca less than 600. CA also less than 600.

My car also had acceleration problems, mainly because if the battery is getting weak the alternator has to work more to compensate that weak battery.

Now that this battery is gone the new battery has 800 CCA at 0 deg F, and 960 CA at 32 deg F.That is power to the wheels and all other components in my 90's camry.

to Joe #1445035

Hahaha omg this idiot really thinks more cold cranking amps help his POS car run better hahahaha

Miamisburg, Ohio, United States #1266693

Got a new battery 3/29/16. Had to hook it up to my other car because the *** thing was dead already. Do not get a *** thing from O'reilly.


Lol omg!I too purchased supper start battery from o riely less then two years ago and i find my self scrlling the web trying to determind if this is the "norm".

Then i find this "humorous" review that seemed to have been written with the same attitude I'm currently carrying....and about to go home and scrounge up another hundred dollars .Had battery lasted its average life span id not have to put a battery in car 2 times ....especially when cars value itself is 650!

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1215216

Never by anything from orileys.

They will not warrenty anything period.

Rude employees don't want to wait on you if you have a product you bought from them.

As soonas they see you come in the door with a part you bought from their

Want A be sales person almost turn and run.

Auto zone & Advanced auto are real nice folks and really help you.

to Anonymous #1414543

There is this lady that has a great sense of humor at advance auto.I can have a bad day and go there and have a laugh, because the co workers there are interesting and inclusive.

I pick with her when asking about certain items, that are not familiar with me, and she parodizes the directions so hilariously.

Yeah I agree, about O'reillys. I bought oil and the oil filter from there. The cashier had nothing but rude remarks.

To them, it didnt look like I knew anything about car maintenance, talking about don't make a mess. I threw it back saying, "at least I can save a buck changing my oil". They shut up.

Autozone is prone to give me the wrong parts at times.They gave the wrong item out then expected us to pay for the core charge in exchange for the new item.


Same here batterey conviniently died a month after the warranty expired this is upright thievery. I callef and true to form responses are dismissive there's nothing we can do unless you would like to buy another one. Pathetic.

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1198156

I had an experience with the "O" that is a little different.I had problems with my 04 Dodge Durango not starting thought it was the battery, took it out of the car, took it to them had them check it, charged it did whatever it is they do and they Said it's fine.

OK now what? put it back in the car sent the wife off into town to do her shopping. Can you see this coming?, she drives all around town and then the car won't start had to have it towed to the Dodge dealer down the street but hey at least he can find the problem right? he finds the problem....

bad battery , bad cell. I SPENT ENOUGH THAT DAY TO PAY FOR TWO TOP OF THE LINE BATTERIES at big "O" but they got nothing but the satisfaction of costing me tons of money.

Sent corporate an email about it but got no satisfaction, just a blanket sorry but were not responsible for a bad diagnosis.TIL: don't count on Big "O" when it counts.

Picayune, Mississippi, United States #1188646

I missed 3 yr warranty by 30 days.then I needed a battery stranded i asked what the cost would be with pro rating and was told super start battery"s aren"t pro rated.

I walked to walmart

and bought a good battery.hi prices Lo quality oreilly

same place.

Montebello, California, United States #1187819

I would have honored your warranty I work with the company and our goal is to take care of the customer


Yep I'm dealing with crappy battery for my 1100 virago, battery didn't last a year


Same thing happened to me.Bought the motorcycle battery, got it home put it in the bike and it was dead.

Put a charge on it and it was okay. 18 months later and it won't hold a charge anymore and they won't offer any kind of warranty.

This *** me off because I only got about 5000 miles of riding out of this pos.$120 battery that weighs about 5 pounds.


Anyone on here ranting about battery brands being better than others is an ***.There are literally, and I do mean LITERALLY only 3 places in the entire world that actually produce car batteries.

EVERYONE , repeat, EVERYONE buys their batteries from them and puts a sticker on it.

That means AC DELCO, MOTORCRAFT, SUPERSTART, OPTIMA, EVERSTART, DURALAST, AUTOCRAFT, INTERSTATE, HONDA, TOYOTA, AND ANY I MISSED all of those come from one of 3 places and with that many I can promise that no one brand is any better.Take care of your stuff or it wont take care of you, it is as simple as that.

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