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So i bought my daughter a $40 card at O'Reilly. We bought parts later for cash, and i wanted a refund for the card.

O'Reilly policy is not to return cash for gift cards. One agent said they can only refund up to $5 for a card. I worked the card down to $4 and the employee said she wouldn't or couldn't five back tbe $4 as she ""didn't know how." Bullshit. O'Reilly warns tk "treat gift cards lime cash", and they don't offer any refunds and will not replace the card if lost.

So what is the benefit of buying a gift card, why not just give a person cash as there's no benefit to own your gift card if you lose it;it's gone so if we're supposed to treat this like cash. I paid cash for the card, I want my cash back.....simple. is it just me? Even if I didn't buy the card, I feel they should give cash back.

I don't care if a homeless person finds it and swaps it for food, drugs or alcohol, its their lucky day.

I get right on money and pay my taxes, I expect better treatment from retailers who fight, viggorously, for my hard earned money... Pffft!

Product or Service Mentioned: Oreilly Auto Parts Gift Card.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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oreilly seem s to have all types of complaints against them. Isnt it time the Better Business Bureau starts getting typed complaints in triplicate, I think so.

and The Chamber of Commerce . that's the way


Don't think this customer understands policy. Heck why didn't he just give his daughter cash.

Oh I forgot, he wanted to impress his daughter that he took time out of his busy schedule and got something for her.

Then berates the employee because they did not know how to overwrite corporate policy to settle his moronic request. Hopefully this was not in front of his daughter, you have to lead by example but wait, Entitlement!!

I went to Perkins the other day and paid for Ham and Eggs and I ate them.

But the plate had Eggs and Ham and I want my money back!!! I am entitled you know!!!!


Policy is policy , do you do this at every store you go to ? What entitlement do you have that puts you above store policy ?


Sorry, typing errors! My keyboard is unforgiving!

to Me #1432726

Just like your understanding of people and company policies.

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