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Im a current employee with Oreilly as a asst manager. And i have been with the company for 2 and half years.

About 4 days before Christmas I was interviewed by my district manager and the loss prevention auditor for about 2 hours. They informed me my store had the highest returns in my district. Then they recanted and the highest company wide. Which when they told me that i was taken aback.

Long story short im being blamed for stealing cash from the company and doing bogus returns. To which i am innocent of. But then my store manager calls me and tells me that if i stay they will get the cops involved and i will be arrested if i go back to work when the district manager and lp auditor come back.

What should i do. I feel like im being forced to jump ship so that i don't get arrested.

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Ask a lawyer, consultations are free.But FWIW, OAP's "Loss Prevention" people get carried away due to a lack of accountability and start to think they are GeStaPo.Even if you make it past this incident, I would look elsewhere for a job.


Walk in with an attorney , ask them to provide proof .transaction by transaction , documents are the key . Every thing should be in the computer system also . Let them fire you then sue them for wrongful termination .


Go back to work like normal. Especially if you are innocent like you say.

If they were going to involve the cops they would have already. I was in a similar situation and ended of getting fired eventually and won my unemployment hearing as well.

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