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I need to know the 24 hour hotline number to oreilly auto parts so i can report a manager for discrimination. so if there is anyone out thier that can help me i would appreciate it.

and i need it for the springfield, missouri corporate office. im just tired of my boss cursing me out and single me out.

He treats everybody else with respect and is always goin off on me and personallyi am sick and tired of it.Today he just belittled me and told me that i suck at everything i do my job. And i think......

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TIPS HOTLINE - Number is posted in every store


DC 16 hater, good luck trying to get a lawsuit. O'Reilly's has lined the EEOC pockets I was terminated from this company based on 2 team members saying I said something 3 day after I filed a complaint that I was being sexuaally harrassed by my operation manager.

I had texts messages from my boss with lewd and sexually remarks, inapporiate pictures that he sent to me, emails telling me to write up specific team members. The fact that the DC manager had the local police department serach my veichle without my knowledge. I got off work and found a letter stating that the only thing the police find was my cell phone which was tuck under my seat. That the DC manager was telling other supervisors that I called in the EPA.

That when O'Reilly's fired me which I was not terminated for anything illegal. O'reilly issued a arrest warrant that if I step foot on any of their property or make any contacted with an O'Reilly team member I will be arrested. I won unemployment then O'Reilly appealed it and I won again. The EEOC said that I did not have enough evidences.

If you want change in your work environment then get union talks going. That will find a cause to fire any supervisor if it means a union wont come in. They will meet any demands the DC has. They did it in a DC in the South.

Those team members got a $1 increase, they have meals given to them every week. They bus team members from other DCs in each weekend to do the work that should have been done there during the week. They even hired a anti union consultant who came in and told every supervisor that a concession to keep the union out was to fire supervisors. IF that did not work then the supervisor would end up like Jimmy Hoffa.

That is an exact quote. O'reilly is afraid of getting union in. They will KISS YOUR *** if you can get organized. You do not need the whole DC any department within the DC can form a union.

Just like the drivers did. Do not end up like me living in fear and have to leave resturants, stores ETC because someone is wearing an O'Reilly shirt and I can be arrested becuase am there.

I have no desire to step foot on any of their property but it is very hard to know who works for O'Reillys. They are terrorists.


DC16 race discrimination. $200,000 cause injury.

Should be fired all the supervisor and Op Manager,DC manager. That like hitting the powerball.

Supervisor don't do anything and find a team member to harassment. Hope it change or else a lawsuit will be coming soon.


he may be right they removed the number in the austin mn store when i called in on them and said anyone that calls in again will be fired that was from the dm


if you work with the company and cant find the tips line and corporate number, and or contact someone at springfield through teamnet...maybe there is some truth to the comments.


try t.i.p.s. hotline


Maybe it isn't discrimination, maybe you do suck at your job. If you work there you should know the number to call for employee relations/complaints.

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