The people working the counter told me they would have to post my refund back as a credit even though according to their policy all debit card (PIN based) transactions should be refunded cash, since the transaction counted as a cash sale. The two employees were total jerks, and one, when asked his name to file a formal complaint, told me be "I'm busy", then said to leave.

Rudeness is not good customer service- I know that PIN transactions should be refunded as cash due to prior cashiering/store policy. I also called a different location to verify the policy-that employee stated the other location had not followed company policy.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #799647

Sorry that is true and not true at the same time, technically the correct terminology would be that if its ran as a debit, if the amount is suitable (meaning not extremely large purchase) an employee CAN return it as cash, not that they are suppose to. But our system prefers it to go back on the card, hence when we do a return it automatically brings up the screen to scan it and put it back on the account.

I get that its a pain to wait, I'm impatient myself when it comes to money but technically it doesn't have to be a cash refund.

Now if the customer request cash then they can, as long as the amount is suitable as I said. Not trying to be a *** just trying to explain a Lil bit

to oreilly emoloyee #1385103

But how long do they take to put it back on the card

to oreilly emoloyee #1438980

This is not even helping. We wanted to know how long it will take for us to get the money back yet you have not answered it. Freaking pissed about this.

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