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i recently replaced a battery from oreillys which i had purchased from oreillys 4 years ago when it went bad i went to my local store to replace it as it had 2 yrs prorated warranty left the employee told me it was cheaper to purchase new battery at wholesale than to prorate the new one,because they prorate them at list cost. this practice is ***,i told the salesman this and he told me if i would shut up and listen he would explain.i managed a store for this company 8 yrs ago and i know this is not true .i strongly advise anyone to call the district managers when you encounter a problem

if not call oreillys corperate offices in springfeild missouri and ask for denny smith he will straighten out the problem. he is the most knowlegable person in the company(regional manager) dont let the employees bully you they are only worried about their commisions.this was a very good company to work for dont let a few bad apples ruin your day

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Monetary Loss: $6700.

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My husband and I both had this experience (on separate ocassions): we took our cars to advance to replace batteries that were under warranty.Employee "tested" them and said battery was fine.

We took them to dealer and battery was not fine-bad diode.

We had dealer replace them and now we're going after advance for the cost.I have a feeling they didn't want to replace them because they were under warranty still.

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I worked for Oreilly's also, managing the store in Henryetta oklahoma.They go through people so fast even management can change quickly because of the District Managers methods and blame game issues.

I had an issue with Scott Mullins. It began when he asked me to assist one of my shops who kept calling and texting him on his personal phone number which he gave out. I allowed them to have parts on credit and he was aware of this practice just like rental tools would be handed out. The auditor found out and came down on me.

I called Scott and told him to come down and take care of it since I was only following his instructions to help my shop. He allowed the auditor to write me up and did not inform the auditor that he was more to blame than me. Then later when I had an issue with his asking me to abuse my employees by overbearing methods of punishment and overlording them with rules that didn't even apply to them much of the time such as a hickie on the neck and such or keeping your shirt buttoned one extra button cause your a woman and *** things like that. I ended up leaving the company because of Scott Mullins who would not allow me to go into training instead of being his overlord in my store.

When he found out I was trying to transfer to training...I had it all arranged...he black balled me using information about the above incident without using the information which put him to blame.Not only this but he confided in me that he would not spend...

So Oreilly's problems are mostly found in those bad apple district managers who continually tell you that you are doing a great job and then do reports saying you are doing a bad report to his boss and when you ask him why he tells you that it is just the method of gaining improvements in the stores but the real truth is to be able to fire any store manager whenever the district manager desires without justification and such.

Good luck dealing with stores with those types of district managers...

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Be aware when you buy a battery at O'Reilleys.It is better to have the old core ready to give it to them.

Otherwise they will charge you $15.00 which will give it back to you when you bring the old core. Obviously this does not sound such a bad idea. But what is bad about this is that when eventually you bring the old core they will give you back the $15.00 but not the tax they included for that amount in the first place.

They told me that the tax in not returnable.This makes no sense to me even if the practice is correct.

Yukon, Oklahoma, United States #693146

Purchased a battery two yrs ago with 2yr free replacement and 72 mo prorate, it went dead at 2 yrs and 2mos, When I went back to Oreillys to have them prorate, It was going to cost me the same amount as the original battery.Don't they know what prorate is?

I took my dead battery and went to auto zone. Gave me a better deal, and 10percent off just cause of the problems I had with O'reillys.

Never again going to O'reillys.They scam you on batteries.


Well i bought a battery for my car thinking my car battery was dead.But then i had a mechanic look at it and he said it wassent my battery it was something else.

I had already connected the cables to my car but never even turned it on.i called oreillys on the phone to ask them about there return policy and they said "if its been used we dont do returns i told him i havent used it just connected the cables, then he said "if its been installed then that means used and we cant return it".


For every 1 *** customer that purchases a battery at a junkyard with o brand stickers and trie

s to come in and run a warranty on it there are 99 honest people that have valid proof of warranties and given with out hassle.Fyi As we do carry easy penn batteries ur batteries are not prorated off of list price they are prorated off of purchase price.

At even five years the price will still be lower then the purchase price and the free replacement will resume for the two/three year depending on warranty purchased. For the retard that thinks we do not rotate batteries we rotate them every month and any battery that passes three months is then given a green date code. For the guy with the car club. Realize that u have systems, hydros or whatever screwed up wiring you think ur a professional at DIY and usually end up screwing everything up but we understand u must blame anyone but yourself.

Then yes. OUr battery and any other one u purchase will probably give u only six to twelve months of service. Take it to a professional!!!!

We are here to provide excellent customer service!!!We do what we can!


Frankly reading this I just cannot believe it.1 st why cant people hold on to THEIR receipts?

You bought it your are responsible!! 2nd The company you people bought from DOES NOT build the batteries!! Yes that company SHOULD stand behind the product which the company I run DOES, shame on you that don't. 3 rd there is so many people trying to rip off companys we DO have to ask question even if you do not like them.

Everyone needs to think back to your fathers and mothers back in the day when companys helped them out because your mothers and fathers where not crying little babies.

Oh and ADVANCE does NOT sell ACTION batteries the sell AUTOCRAFT!!!GROW UP PEOPLE

to WHY??? Los Angeles, California, United States #661781

yo bro have you ever taken a look at a receipt 6months or so later and I mean just your regular everyday store will fade out to nothing and you will have a blank piece of scrap paper. this is why we have technology called computers.And something called customer service.Out of all the minor things being purchased everyday,do you really expect people to keep every single receipt.And even if you do keep them,what if something happens to them that truly wasn't your fault.Ive try to keep my receipts but honestly its a waist of time because you end up losing them or they start fading or pieces of it start fading and get ineligible.


My OAP battery died just after a year of use.It was the two year free replacement one.

So, OAP swapped it out for free with a 3 year unit.

Well done OAP.You'll have my business again.


I went into O'Reilleys on Sunday, June 10 to get them to test my battery.They only charged it for 45 minutes and told me my battery was good.

They put it back into my car and it wouldn't even start my car up. They had to jump me with cables to start my car up. They tried to tell me that they had no idea where my battery came from but I was told that all the retail stores know who sells what battery. They tried to sell me a new one for over $100; wouldn't you know it; they were out of the $86 one, at all our local stores.

Then, Jesse, got on the phone and faked a call to Advance Auto, where I did purchase the battery and said that I was not in their data base either. It was an Action Battery and I had bought it last June at Advance Auto. I am a 60 yr old lady and my 70 yr old female friend had followed me down there to get the battery checked out so I guess they thought we were two old ladies with lots of money!!!

Not.I don't think I'll ever buy anything at O'Reilleys again.

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