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I purchased a brand new radiator with a lifetime warranty from O'Reilly, had my mechanic (of 20+ years) properly install new radiator. Not even 2 weeks after the new radiator from O'Reilly was installed, it blew 3 huge holes on top side of radiator, causing my engine to rapidly overheat on the highway.

By the time my engine shut off, it was too late. Had to tow my car to My mechanic, and he said it blew my head gasket, along with scoring cylinders 2 & 3.

Car will not even start. O'Reilly has yet to honor my labor claim.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

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Carson City, Nevada, United States #1343296

wow, they didn't fix it for you, I WON"T GET ANY PARTS THERE THEN


Another person that does not have a valid complaint. You are complaining against O'Reilly Auto Parts when your complaint is really with the manufacture of the part itself. Find their complaint section and post there. O'Reilly's does not make the parts , and they are only responsible for standing behind the part itself. Not anything else. I am sure they refunded or replaced that radiator for you didn't they?? Thought so. You are just blowing it up.

If you bought a FRAM filter from Wal-Mart. It failed and blew your engine. Are you going to go back to Wal-Mart and blame them? Or would you call and go talk to FRAM. DUH the answer is obvious. It is just easier to yell and talk trash to the people that SELL you the product instead of the people that MADE the product.

Good luck in life, I have a feeling you will need it.


Well, I don't have to know the situation to know what happened here. Head gasket was blown before the radiator was replaced.

The combustion gases over-pressurized the cooling system and blew apart the radiator. Sorry, man...

I know it sucks, but this wasn't the radiator or O'Reilly's fault. I wish it was, because I hate O'Reilly.

to FCKthebigO #740436

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Your car has a temp gauge when it starts to get hot that means pull over now wait for it to cool and see whats wrong. If you continued to drive an over heated motor then you blew up your engine.

And for the record O'reilly's gets their parts from the same place ever other parts stores do, they did not make the part.

I understand your frustration but you should be mad at the manufacture of the radiator, not the parts store.

to Motor Mount Toledo, Ohio, United States #1221662

This. Warning lights and gauges are not there to be ignored.

An OIL or TEMP problem is, and always has been, a 'shut it down RIGHT NOW' event.

I realize, of course, that many vehicles replaced individual gauges and indicators with a CHECK ENGINE light, but even there, it's an indication of a problem, it is YOUR responsibility to stop and at least investigate the problem. Had you done so, odds are your repair bill would have been only a fraction of what you're facing now.

And if you don't periodically check your gauges - WHY NOT?


So let me get this straight. You drove your car to the point it warped the head and blew the gasket.

How long exactly did you drive your car with the temp gauge pegged out. You said you were on the highway, why did you not just pull over and shut you car off before doing any damage? I've driven vehicles before with shredded radiator hoses for over a mile without causing damage.

Sorry, I'm raising the B.S. flag on this.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #693200

Impossible. If your head gasket went, it was probably a bad gasket which caused water to seep into the engine.

to OreillyTeamMember Dickinson, North Dakota, United States #707291

You're right you aren't mechanics. So stop trying to feed more *** you know nothing about.

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