I purchased 3 consecutive rebuilt alternators which #1 was replaced the first week.#2 lasted for a short while and had to be replaced,it was refunded.#3 was then tried and it was found to be defective,putting out 18 volts,fried a new battery as well.I had #3 rebuilt by a reputable professional,it works fine now.O'Reilly's refused to give me a refund for Alternator #3,even with proof that it was rebuilt.It didn't even phase them that it also fried a new battery.I would not recommend to anyone that O'Reilly's stands behind what they sell.My Alternator had a Lifetime Warranty which they made mention of that fact when purchased.

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I had a similar problem, I've gone through three alternators - supposedly rebuilt - all sourced from O'Reilly's. Going to get both of them rebuilt by a local establishment.


I have the same problem. Since last year I have replaced 4 O'Reilly Starters their Ultima Brand and one Wilson which is also sold by O'Reilly's.

So now I am on the 5th starter and installed it on 7/20/18 and it already has problems. The starter motor will spin but the solenoid will not engage the bendix gear into the flywheel. The Wilson lasted 11 months which was better and then it went out at the Costco in Irvine which 5 hours away from where I live.

The only thing that saved me is that the car has a manual transmission and I got a push start. This was a very anxious moment since my wife was do to a doctors appointment the next morning at 8:00 p.m.


I had same problem going one third shot out battery and fourth alternator they should replace our battery since it was their product that ruined it

to Anonymous #1537618

Im on ultima alternator # 3 with oreily's, theres were all three remanufactured. I just asked them to order a new factory one $ 500.00, it may be worth the price since now my mechanic has a bill for installing three alternators & removing 2. Oreily's did in fact say this morning that they would look into reimbursing me for labor on those bogus alternators.


They sell all junk parts avoid them and all repair shops that use there parts. Ask them before they do the work what parts brand and where do you buy it. AVOID THIS JUNK AT ALL COST


Who rebuilts the starters ultima?


Sounds like you got your money back. Then since you apparently rebought one, didnt have it tested, fool me once shame one you, fool me twice shame on me, 3 time is on you.


Same problems only a starter Now they can't find phone number attached to the warranty. Good luck. Okc, ok


I am about to have to install alternator #3 my self. The first lasted a week the second 24 hrs.

I questioned the first one i purchased because although the case was bright and shiny it looked like someone dipped the regulator in a grease pit.

But seeing i was stuck and it was the only one they stocked i took it. This is why as a parts mgr of a dealer i will not buy anything from them.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #834701

I also went through three of them (part Number: 05-0613 2002 Pontiac Aztek) This alternator is on GM 3.4L motors so you will find it on impalas... Buick Rendevous's's's's lol anyways many different cars.

I Purchased one alternator installed it (If anyone has done a alternator replacement on a aztek or montana they know what im talking about) which was way more difficult than it should have been. And the alternator had a loud squeak so loud that people were staring at me as i drove by. I gave the alternator a week lowered the motor back down and pulled it back off. I then went back to OReillys and exchanged it for another which i had them test before i left with it and believe it or not straight out of the box the second one did not work at all.

They then sent me across town to get another one which i installed and had the same exact squalling sound. I went to my local pull and pay grabbed an alternator off of a impala and installed it on my car after pulling the new one off. Started my car and have not had a single squeak since. The guy at OReilly tried telling me that the alternator may just need broke in which i feel is incorrect i dont think a new alternator or a pulley on anything new or re manufactured should have to break in before it stops squeaking.

They acted like they didnt want to exchange it at first and then after 40 minutes of them asking me questions such as have you replaced your serpentine belt have you replaced your tension-er pulley blah blah which didnt mention before but i also replaced new because i thought they may have something to do with the issue they finally did refund the alternator.

I love oreilly auto parts they are always helpful and have great quality parts i shop nowhere else but those alternators are making them look bad and they need to tell that company to shove them somewhere lol. In the end 3 bad alternators 2 actual swaps ended up going to the junk yard to get one for 30 dollars (The ultima one i purchased was 172.99) I will never buy another Ultima alternator again.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #757443

I had problems with a starter I purchased from them at the Englewood, Ohio store. It was for my 1999 Ford F 250 powerstroke diesel.

The darn thing kicked on when I was driving back to my shop around the corner from my house and before I could unhook both batteriesit burnt itself up. The starter wasn't even a year old, took it to the Huber Heights, Ohio store they stick it on their testing machine which doesn't put it under a load just spins it. The test showed it was just fine, I told the kid I wasn't reinstalling that pos on my truck and told him to get me a new one. We went around about it finally he gave me a new one.

Half the ppl they hire have no clue about auto parts. I don't recommend buying starters from them.

to automan Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #800237

2003 Ford Excursion 6.0 Diesel, alternator brushes were worn and started acting up, of course away from home on vacation out in Virginia, 191k miles on the Excursion. Could not find brushes in Virginia.

So Oreilly's was the closest parts store with an alternator. I should have pulled the brushes out for $130. First alternator did not work at all. Second alternator, second day, worked 50% of the time.

So heading back to Wisconsin, third day failed completely while in Missouri. Had to pay for boost and charging of the batteries $37. Found local Oreilly's, changed to the third alternator, it did get us home. Next day, it stopped charging.

Junk voltage regulators!!! Just want my original back to get it rebuild at the local shop for a few bucks!!!

Used to buy brushes for $2.50. :(


plain and simple, I just won't buy any parts from O'reilly anymore. Sure they give you lifetime warranties but you can't get your time back.

I've just installed junk too many times to give them another chance. Now I get my parts from our old hometown auto parts store or from the local Toyota dealer parts dept.

who actually can get anything you need, including American vehicle parts. You get what you pay for.


I too went through 5 alternators and 4 batteries no electrical problems


I will add my comment. I will be on my third alternator coming this week-end.

I had my go bad with the battery going dead this thursday. I recharged the battery drove it 2 city blocks to Oreilly Auto Parts store and had them check the alternator. They said it was low output. I need another one.

I have a new battery, Battery cables, No wire problems. I think these batteries are junk. I have a lifetie warrenty on replacing the alternator, but not the labor. I do the install, as I have mechanical experience.

The only way I can get away from Oreilly alternators is go get the dealers and fork out 229.00. People should not have to go through the trouble all the time with the alternators going bad.

to GK Houston, Texas, United States #1127540

I'm having the same *** problem right now.I have a 03 Expedition.check Charging system came on.battery not being charged and alternator not putting out enough volts. 2 batteries and 2 alternator's plus a new fuesible link and the same thing. The alternator came from o'reilly


I am on my third in two weeks! I had all of my wiring and fuses checked with no problems!

Also, I had the battery replaced when I replaced the alternator the first time. This time (number 2), my alternator is putting out the necessary voltage until the cooling fans start kicking on and I get the brake and battery lights kicking on.

The people at the nearby Mitsu dealer (My car is a 2000 Diamante) checked everything with the only problem being the alternator. O'reilly truly does stink.


O'Reilly alternators are junk. I bought a new alternator that was sold as a 140amp but it would not keep up with the electrical demands of the car.

Found the same alternator online and it's only a 90amp.

Took it to a shop and they laughed and said the same thing, that there is no way it's a 140amp. O reilly does not care about screwing people out of their money and leaving them stained on the side of the road.


Same problem, went in O to get a replacement starter. Tmrw will be number 3. What a pain.


i've had the same problem with OReilly alternators. No electrical problems that im aware of, i think i would have noticed something after 355K miles which OEM alternator lasted 320K of. Im on my 3rd rebuilt alternator in 35K miles.

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